Airedale Terriers of Aireheart   

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The Airedale Terrier..

Airedales are like potato chips. 

You can never just have one.

Jorien Becker

The Airedale Terrier also called the King of the Terriers stands on average between 22 - 24 inches tall and weighing from 56 to 61+ pounds, some even up to 90lbs . 

Origionally developed in England, along the Aire River for hunting river rats, it soon developed into a multi purpose dog. With powerful scent and great temperatment they are easy to train and desire to show their capabiliteis in hunting, retrieving, guarding, obedience and agility to name a few. 

This breed however, is NOT for everyone. They are strong willed, highly intelligent, demand to be taken to new heights daily, get bored easily, but most importantly they are true loyal family member and demand to be where ever you are 24/7. 

For more information, feel free to contact us! We feel that it is very important for buyers to understand this breed in order to see if the Airedale is the right breed for you. 

They are high maintenance due to their wiry coat that does not shed unless it is kept in constant care, otherwise you will find fluff. They do need consistent training from puppy age on. With thoughtful consistent training and guiding hand you will never want another breed but the Airedale. However, this only is achievable through careful thought and understanding of what the Airedale is made of. We don't want you to have years of heart ache rather the full enjoyment this breed has to offer. 

Not just a hobby.

We take the breeding of our Airedales very seriously. Our dale's pedigrees date back to the first registered Airedale Jerry in England 1888. 

Our Airedales are imported from highly dedicated breeders based in The Netherlands and Belgium. Their parents and Grandparents hold Multi/ World Championships and BOB Crufts titles. 

Knowing this breed and the ancestral line we truly stand behind our dogs' health, temperament, conformity and calm yet inquisitive nature. 

Once you've owned an Airedale no other breed will match its wittiness and positive attitude. 

Check out our 9 Videos on YouTube and watch the Magic litter from week 1-9. 

We are a Canadian Kennel Club registered Kennel. All our pups are CKC registered on a Non-Breeding Contract. 

We fly all our pups with Westjet Canada wide. 

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