Airedale Terriers of Aireheart   

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Aireheart Humerous Madeline. Daughter of Emily and Famous. 20th April 2016 she was born into our kennel. Amazing girl over which our son Paul fell head over heels. Madeline and Paul hold a very special bond and so she will remain at home until our son is ready to move out at which time she will go with him.  Due to uncontrolled complications at the birth of her second litter we immediately had her spayed. She gave us the Querido and the Wise litter. 

Sans Souci of Stock Lots. Emily was born and raised in the Netherlands at the Stocklots Kennel in 2014.  She joined our kennel in the spring of 2015, at the age of 13 month. She is a real beauty and has a magnificent royal background and personality.  

At the age of 12 month she attended her first show untrained in the NL. This was the Dutch Airedale Terrier Clubmatch. In the female youth category she came in 3rd place out of 7, and received 'Outstanding', for which we are mighty proud. This winning shows that her conformity is excellent. 

Emily has had her 1st litter Humerous in 2015 with Famous,  from which we kept one girl named Madeline. From her second litter June 2017 also with Famous was the Lovely litter she gave us 10 lovely pups, from which we kept a girl named Emma. 

Emily had her 3rd litter in April 2019, the Saint litter.  Having give us three beautiful litters and having complications with her 3rd litter we decided that she was ready for a well deserved retirement. She is currently living in Spruce Grove, AB where she goes for daily walks and receives all the attention this beautiful girl so deserves. 


Anna of Aireheart came to us in 2012. She also has a magnificent ancestral line via her father that of the Stargus kennel in the UK. She is an absolute lady and was fierce in keeping the Aireheart crew in line. She had the Duke/Duchess litter in 2015, followed by the  Gorgeous litter in 2016, the Jolly litter Jan 2017 from which we kept Jolly Posy (Rosa) and the Romantic litter Jan 2019 from which we kept Romantic Lucianna. After complications Anna retired from our breeding program.  Anna is currently living in Calgary with cousin Lovely Hector. 

Anna was completely my girl and letting her go at age 7 was definetly a heart string puller. But she now gets all the attention, great walks and car rides and chasing squirels in her back yard. 

Zoey and Blud Boy were our first set of Airedales that started the Aireheart Kennel. Zoey had a uterus infection with her first litter during which we almost lost her. Lucky she bounced back and retired immediately. She lived with a fantastic couple for 8 years after she sadly passed away in Nov 2019 at the age of 10. We kept both her daugthers Anika and Abby. 

Blue Boy sired our first litter from which we kept Abby and Anika for our breeding program. Blue also sired the Duke's and Duchess litter with our Anna after which he retired 2015  and now lives in Edmonton with a fantastic family. His daughter Anika joined him in 2018. 

Aireheart Graceful Anika (top) a complete duplicate of her mother Zoey. Such a strong and bouncy girl that kept us on our toes daily.  She gave us 5 beautiful litters: 10 pups with the Energetic, 11 with the Fantastic, 12 with the Incredibles, 6 with the Magic and 7 Nobels.  She retired in 2018 and joined her father Blue Boy in Edmonton. 

Aireheart Abby Gail Zoey a duplicate of her father Blue Boy had one litter the Courageous. She is a total opposite of her sister Anika, much more mellow and gentle.  After her litter she had complications which led to her being spayed.

Abby lives in Lethbridge with a beautiful woman who spoils her to no end. 

Xoshi, Blue Boy's mom unexpectedly joined us in 2013 from the USA.  We instantly fell in love with this mellow sweet girl. She had had a few litters at her previous kennel and after she gave us the Bachelor/Bachelorettes litter we retired her to a sweet older couple in Calgary. There she is enjoying her well deserved retirement with great walks by the river, car rides and lots of cuddles and love. 

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