Airedale Terriers of Aireheart   

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At Aireheart we take puppy rearing seriously, and have set the bar of excellence very high. During the first 12 weeks of a puppy's life, it is crucial that puppies development is properly stimulated and supported according to the weeks age of the puppy. Our program does just that. Each puppy receives individual attention and training and will leave our kennel at 10 weeks of age with a solid foundation under its feet.  

Because we use the puppy culture program, but also glean from the Absolute Dog training program, it is highly valuable for you to come to understand these programs. You can find Absolute Dog training on the Web. You can find a lot of  the free training tools under the 'members only' tab.  


Check out what puppy Culture is all about: 


When you arrive on the puppy culture page, look at the top tan banner and choose "LEARN"  Click on this and browse through the small video clips.      You do not need to purchase the DVD set, that is for breeders. But I do recommend Jane's training book 'When Pigs Fly' as its all based on the puppy culture program from week 12 on.  

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