Airedale Terriers of Aireheart   

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Famous of the Dutch Silvercity came to us at 10 weeks of age from the Netherlands. His father is the multi European champion Navigator of Dust Mountain. (NL, B, Gr, Lux, Int) and his grandfather is Gianni of the Aire Victory (world/Int Ch). Both Famous's grandfathers and great grandfathers hold World Championship titles, thus his name, "Famous." 

He is a real sweetheart and loves to play and keeps us entertained. He is extremely keen and seeks daily to be taken to new intelligent levels. Never bored, and a great sense of humor. His calm nature in the home amazes us and his energy and drive outside is a joy to see. 

Famous sired the litters: Bachelor/Bachelorette, Courageous, Energetic, Fantastic, Gorgeous, Humerous, Incredible, Lovely, and Proud and Terrific. 

Famous is currently semi-retired and will be a great help in the kennel socializing the young pups. We are greatful for the beautiful litters he sired, and are a bit saddened with his ending siring career. But having his three beautiful daughters Madeline, Emma and Vera softens our heart.

Nestor van't Asbroek. (Multi European Champion Eye of the Tyger Des Tip Top Terriers x Multi European Champion It van't Asbroek) 

Nestor joined our kennel in 2015 at 10 weeks of age. Being so impressed with our Famous and his Dutch heritage and pedigree line, we vowed to continue our breeding using European Dales.  

Nestor comes from Belgium. His parents are multi European Champion Eye of the Tyger Des Tip Top Terriers (France) x multi European Champion It van't Asbroek (Belgium) 

The van't Asbroek Kennel is well known in Europe for producing top quality dales. They have bred many world champions and reserve Crufts BOB, and we are proud of Nestor's lineage. 

Nestor sired the Jolly, Kind, Magic, Nobel, Orion, Querido, Romantic and Saint litters. We love his looks and dispostion so much that we have kept 2 of his girls. Jolly Rosa and Romantic Lucianna.  

Valdez of Stocklots. (Multi champion Young Duke's Mister Jack and Royal Highness of Stocklots)

We are so pleased with the Dutch 'of Stocklots' kennel, their stock and also the enormous support we have received from this breeder, that we decided that our next sire had to come from this kennel.  He is very distant related to our Emily, but not close enough to cause issues. 

Valdez is pure royalty, as his lineage holds numerous championship titles, too many to count. He is an extremely proud boy, who is still such a pup at 2 years of age, even though he proudly prances around the kennel showing off to the girls with all the air he can muster. 

His colour of deep reddish/brown makes everyone look twice at him.

We can't wait to see his "Unique" Litter offspring in fall of 2019. 

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