Airedale Terriers of Aireheart   

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We have set a high standard for what we feed our adults and pups for health support. They are our everything and therefore feed them an amazing product called NuVet plus and joint. This to boost our adults and also our pups immune system when they are weaned off mom. As their immune system does not sustain at the right level after leaving mom. Therefore, we feed our pups this supplement until they leave the kennel. But then we require our puppy owners to continue where we have left off, for at least the first year of the pups life. This will bridge the immune gap that all pups go through as they leave our kennel and face the stress that they encounter when settling into their new home, and through their vaccination phases. Just like we supplement ourselves with our daily vitamins so too should we not forget to supplement our pets. 

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******    All Canadian Orders must be telephoned in directly to the company.  

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