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Aireheart Unique Snoopy   (Dec 11, 2019)

At Aireheart we receive a lot of call for rehomers or retired dales. Owners who just don't want to go through the dreaded puppy stage of chewing, potty, and all the early fun stages. Desiring to start with a well confident well socialized puppy. 

The rehoming is very sporadic as families are chosen carefully. However, uncontrolled circumstances can happen. But rehomers are very very limited.  On the retired side we already have families lined up that know our girls and so in that category we don't have anything either. 

The question for us was "How can we fill in this demand".  It so happened that one of our puppy owner in the USA actually takes in young pups from owners and keeps them for a few month. Training them in all areas from potty to obedience.  This to us sounded like a dream. What if we kept a winter/early sping puppy and raised it for 4 to 6 month.  We would naturally start with the 'puppy culture protocol' and at 10 weeks implement the 'absolute dog training program' from the UK.  We are still in the pilot program and have a lot to think about of how we would put this all together. 

We have started with a very unique little guy, Snoopy.  Snoopy was a bit behind at birth and while his sibblings all are in their own homes, we felt that Snoopy need a little more attention. Therefore, we have started him into our new Jr. Adoption program and will work with him until he is between 4 to 6 month. Keeping a complete daily log of all activities and training he will receive. 

This summer we have two girls  that will enter our program... stay tuned on their progress as we will post updates here as we progress along.  Anyone interested let us know as we are looking forward to our succes and make this a continuation each year. 

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