Victory Litter (Emma/Nestor) Victory Litter (Emma/Nestor) C Section After a long labour and nothing moving we opted for C section. Sure enough one pup lay breach. 11 beautiful pups were delivered. 8 girls 3boys 206034635 Ride home 206034637 Day 1 206034636 Day 3 206034638 Xray day 59 On the Xray 10 bodies were counted, but we were blessed with one more. ;) 206034639 1 week old eating and drinking and gaining weight steady. 206039682 sleeping softly on the blanky Their favourite blankie.. It lays in the warmest part of the whelping box. After a big drink they love to crawl onto this little bed to sleep. This is great as its easy to train them that the rest of the box can be potty area. But keep the bed clean. 206039683 2 1/2 weeks enjoying cuddles with mom 206051571 The Boys Here are 2 of the bigger boys. Light blue and Brown. Brown seems to be a big goof while blue is still a bit shy, but not for long. lol 206051572 week 2 and growing 206051573 3.6 weeks old A whole new play pen is added to the whelping box bed. Green potty area for the pups to use before going into play area. Eating TLC puppy soaked kibble with goats milk, NuVet supplements. 206058471 1st time outside 206096152 Scout Yellow girl 206096153 Stella purple girl 206096154 DUKE Brown/Grey boy 206096155 Bourbon Red girl 206096156 Alfred Light Blue Boy 206096157 Tina Green Girl 206096158 lucy Tan girl 206096159 Sydnie Lou Orange girl 206096160 Pink Girl 206096161 Toy box kibble in a toy box makes an interesting team sport. 206096162 Treat ball Roll the ball pups and out comes kibble 206096163 General fun 206096164