more puppy achievements more puppy achievements Kongs to roll and eat from The puppy here has to solve how he will get the kibble out in order to eat its lunch. 205835022 Other kong types to nibble from 205835023 Crates become a natural place to sleep 205835024 Petting without getting bitten 205835025 The girl that is petting this puppy is petrified of puppies as she was bitten by puppies at a young age. She is now 20 years old and she took the courage to pet this puppy, because it sat quietly. Thank you puppy culture program. 205835026 a quick peek at the set up at 5 weeks. We continually change and adapt to the needs of the pups. 205835027 Manding The dream of every puppy breeder. 205835028 Individual daily training. 205835029 At our Park. 205835030 uhm... one day! 205835031 Snuffle Mats. More creative ways to make puppy work for its meals 205835032 more individual puppy training. 205835033