Summer Pictures of our Gang Summer Pictures of our Gang Famous Famous of the Dutch Silvercity retired. We love his character and build so much that we have kept 3 of his daughters: Madeline, Emma and little Vera. 205834888 Nestor All grown up at 3 years of age. Main Sire 205834885 Valdez of Stocklots Here at 2 1/2 summer 2019. Our youngest Sire from the Netherlands. 205834892 Anna Anna of Aireheart now retired. We have 2 of her daughters sired with Nestor, Rosa and Lucianna. 205834893 Rosa Aireheart Jolly Rosa Daughter of Nestor and Anna 205834876 Emily Sans Souci of Stocklots. (not the greatest film exposure) We have 2 of her daughters Madeline (2016 )and Emma (2017) 205834891 Madeline Aireheart Humerous Madeline. full sister to Emma but 1 year older. (Famous and Emily) 205834894 Emma Aireheart Lovely Emma. Daughter of Famous and Emily. 205834880 Nina Viva Valentina of the Aire Victory. We have one daughter of her named Terrific Dievera. 2019 205834889 Lucianna Aireheart Romantic Lucianna just 5 month. Born Jan 2019. She will follow in her mom's Anna's footsteps in 2 years. 205834895 Vera Aireheart Terrific Dievera. Our youngest and daughter of Famous and Nina. 205834896